Experience the Skincare Revolution and Unleash Radiant.

Would you like to try the secret beauty habits for the first time ? Collagen for moist skin, placenta for firm and glossy skin.

Our mission

Vision, mission and core values

Vision: To become a leading unit in the field of import, export and distribution of high-class Japanese health and beauty care products in the world.

Mission: With the motto of creating a "green beauty revolution", Yokkaichi wants women's beauty not only to become a way of life but also a way for women to cherish and love themselves.

Core Values: Dedication – Positive – Honesty – Responsibility – Wisdom.

Our Products

82X AI STEM CELL SERUM It helps moisturize, intensive skin care from Japan 10ml/bottle. function...

82X Placenta is functional food for skin containing 450,000 mg placenta and produced in Japanese with...

82X Koharu Placenta extracted from SPF breed pigs of Japan (no pathogens), which help hormonal...